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Our Nanushka girl Courtney Trop sharing her favorite LA locations

Bhumi dress  | €550

Bhumi dress | €550


Hi Friends, my name is Courtney Trop, and I have a personal style Blog called Always Judging. Nanushka asked me to show you guys five of my favorite spots in LA. I’ve been living here for almost 12 years now, so this was actually really hard surprisingly, because I realized there are actually so many amazing places in LA. Over the past month I really racked my brain on my favorites.

Bhumi dress  | €550  Minee bag  | €350

Bhumi dress | €550
Minee bag | €350

Stine blouse  | €220  Harlem pants  | €195

Stine blouse | €220
Harlem pants | €195


I’ve made a little list of all my favourite places to hang at in LA, from restaurants to museums to where I get my coffee every AM. This little video highlights my top five favourites, but I do frequent all of the below on the regular. Hope you guys enjoy this list that I poured my heart and soul into!  All my secrets are out there, not that they aren’t already living somewhere online. Here’s my official list! The first thing you should do upon arrival is pick up a Dossist pen, arouse and bliss are my favs! Enjoy my video on the best coast, the west coast!


Erewhon Market

Erewhon is literally my soulmate, the reason I wake up, Erewhon is life. Okay probably I’m being dramatic but you get me.  Erewhon is our local hang out spot. In LA we socialize at the Tonic bar instead of the other kind of bar. It’s a pretty much fare game here, like their tagline says: ‘If it’s here, it’s good for you.’

7660 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

Must try:

Probiotic smoothie (incredible life-changing creation that will heal your body, and soothe your soul)

Flourless chocolate brownie at the register

Buffalo Cauliflower at the hot bar

Alamo coat  | €620  Penelope dress  | €570

Alamo coat | €620
Penelope dress | €570

Stine blouse  | €220

Stine blouse | €220


Shop Super Street

I usually do most of my shoppings in LA in vintage stores or at Shop Super Street which in my opinion has one of the best buys in LA. Perfect place to discover new contemporary brands and new designers. They also don’t get in a million of each piece so it makes it special when you score something.

458 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Bhumi dress  | €550

Bhumi dress | €550

L&E Oyster bar

L&E has an amazing aps and natural wine selection and obviously their oysters are the bomb. There is a little patio on the top where you can sit and hang with your friends, it’s great!

1637 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Stine blouse  | €220  Harlem pants  | €195  Minee bag  | €350

Stine blouse | €220
Harlem pants | €195
Minee bag | €350

Silver Lake Reservoir

We love being outside in Los Angeles. If you are on the East side, Silver Lake Reservoir is a pretty chill place to be, it’s nice to hang out or walk around. Summer at the reservoir is a really pretty time, it’s full of flowers.

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Africa pants  | €390

Africa pants | €390

Winterstone Tattoo

Saving the best for last! Winterstone Tattoo. Daniel and I are very-very close. He’s seen me at my best and worst. He’s honestly so talented and for sure my favorite tattoo artist and person. He’s normally booked out for a year so make sure check in in advance.

To book an appointment write to

Penelope dress  | €570  Noir coat  | €520

Penelope dress | €570
Noir coat | €520

Bhumi dress  | €550  Minee bag  | €350

Bhumi dress | €550
Minee bag | €350

 Where to eat and drink

Croft Ally (perfect for lunch)

Marvin Restaurant (scene)


Petty Cash, Escuela Taqueria (both bomb Mexican spots!)

Uncle Paulies (sandwiches are exceptional)

Stanley's Wet Bar (wine bar)

Shaky Alibi Coffee and Waffles

Salt and Straw

Baumsum Milk Bar

Stella (brunch and dinner)

Speranza (feel the ambiance)

Silver Lake Ramen

Bar Bandini (another great wine bar)

Condor (Mexican)

Night & Market Song

Black Cat (bar and food)

El Prado (bar and cheese/snacks)

Little Pine

Friend Bar


Where to Go

Winter Stone (for tattoos and tattoos!)

Urban Exhale, Modo Yoga

Ludmilla Couture (tailor)

Silver Lake Reservoir

Bhumi dress  | €550  Minee bag  | €350

Bhumi dress | €550
Minee bag | €350

Photography by Vanessa Acosta / Video by Sam Roberts

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