Budapest Travel Diary by Daniel Arnold


Sandra Sandor and her business and life partner Peter Baldaszti have invited the friends of Nanushka to Budapest to explore the city and its surrounding areas


The guests not only fell in love with Hungary, but they got to indulge in great company, incredible food and amazing sights. They also seemed to like the extravagant all marble bathrooms at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace; their home away from home for the duration of the trip.



Our first stop, the Nanushka Store & Cafe is located in the heart of Budapest surrounded by amazing neoclassicist buildings. It’s not only the home of the Nanushka clothing line, but also has a great coffee shop, as both Sandra and Peter are coffee enthusiasts. Guests got to try our signature Tonic & Espressos and meet Ginnie the Bedlington - I guess Courtney’s face says it all!



Our second stop was the River Danube, the pulse of Budapest that divides the city in two parts, Pest side and Buda side. The banks are lined with beautiful buildings are both side.

And what could be the best view to experience a beautiful summer sunset over Budapest’s famous bridges? That’s right, a river cruise from the Danube!  With the help of Dunarama we invited our guests for a boat trip on their water limousines to speed through the river in style.



Hungarian cuisine is full of possibilities and to experience the best of the best we invited the group to the Bochou’s Dor winner chef couple’s  Szell Tamas & Szullo Szabina new restaurant STAND.

Penelope dress  | €570


We couldn’t let anyone home without a proper wine tour. The Gilvesy Winery is just perfect in every sense, this beautiful family run place is a really gem. The guests gushed over the dreamy view of the Badacsony Hills and Lake Balaton while enjoying delicious rose and a light lunch on a hot summer day. Well said Reese - La Dolce Vita!

As Reese’s shirt sums it all up: La Dolce Vita



Next stop was Lake Balaton, where a little flotilla of 5 yachts headed out to be introduced to the art of sailing. Our little group enjoyed the picturesque view of Tihany while the calming waves rocked the boats, so the more adventurous could jump in for a quick dip.

Amulet blouse  | €320

Amulet blouse | €320


After a blissful day at Balaton, Sandra and Peter invited their guests for a walk tour to discover the historical side of Budapest. With a help of Underguide’s travel guide the little group walked through secret antiquities and artfully created foyers listening to anekdotes about Budapest’s flamboyant and sometimes tragic moments throughout the history.



Art class in progress! Noha Studio was the last stop on the tour, where Sandra invited everyone to discover her passion - pottery. Noha Studio is the place where she hides to enjoy her hobby which now resulted in a ceramics collaboration Nanoha launching soon. We discovered that within the group they are some budding artists and interior designers...

Sammi top  | €165

Sammi top | €165

Photography by Daniel Arnold

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