The Traveller’ State of Mind

Photo by    Michele Yong

Photo by Michele Yong

Ever since my childhood, travel has been in my blood. When you travel you become more curious, receptive and alert – almost like a child. I think this adventurous side of mine led to the birth of Nanushka in 2005 and it has been  an exciting journey filled with joy, hardship and ultimately success.

Through all of these years my collections were inspired by “the traveller’s state of mind” - Being away from home helps you leave the usual preconceptions behind; suddenly you feel liberated to express yourself and become more daring to play around with the concept of your style. Travelling is the essence of Nanushka. It influences my theme for the season, the inspirational path and even my choice of textiles. It’s hardly original to assert, but by discovering a new place it’s scent becomes just as significant as the surrounding sights. A places’ fragrance is unique of its cuisine, places of worships and landscape. Each of these tiny little details build a memory to last and to flourish.

Before my trips I like to do a comprehensive research and ask for recommendation from friends and travel guides to discover the not so obvious local treasures. A secret of mine - my starting point is always gastronomy!

This passion of mine inspired Nanushka’s next leg of journey, our new lifestyle section, called The Seeker.

You know, you have that one incredible friend who knows their town inside and out, has great tips and has the best stories? Well, we would like to be that for you! We will take the world most inspiring destinations and ask our favourite aspirational travellers to pick their best parts, so you can experience it like a local. We are moving to an exciting direction, and I hope you will enjoy and continue the voyage with me!



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