Spring / Summer 2019 Presentation

The soft sounds of Crystal Bowl sound healing relaxes the busy bodies partaking in the fashion week buzz


A warm mid-September afternoon on the bright streets of New York City has more shine than shatter during the week of madness, miracles and novelty as Nanushka begins prepping for their first encounter in New York Fashion Week as they present their Spring/Summer 2019 collection in Michelsons Studio.


The soft sounds of Crystal Bowl sound healing relaxes the busy bodies partaking in the fashion week buzz while the room starts to crowd full with beautifully diverse women wrapped in the softest satins, pretty prints and the glossiest vegan leathers while being closely observed and examined by everyone from actors to influencers, bloggers and our very own Nanushka family. As we watch the magic unfold as we present our Spring Summer 2019 ‘Totem’ collection, we invite the warm and laid-back aura that's present in the room with hints of excitement and curiosity as our collection soars. 


The collection itself embodies deeply rooted influence of distant cultural references evoked by ancient Egypt’s symbolism. The colour palette is characterised by raw hues of cotton and linen fused with tones of electric summer shades, such as rosebud, ice blue and burnt orange. The use of cream and neutral shades express Nanushka’s love of natural fabrics left in their pure appearance. Inspired by sacred symbols little references are hidden throughout the collection like the Eye of the Horus embroidery. The use of draping techniques and a mix of proportions evoke an effortless, dreamy desert inspired journey. 


Dazzling pieces and bright accents brings illumination to pieces from previous collections reinvented - creamy vegan leather pants and button-down shirts brings the Nanushka signature style with a little bit of a trendy clash involving biker shorts and bold Fuchsia accents in detailed tube tops, tote bags and silky accents. Easily interpreted as a 90's influenced vibe, blazing hues of cheetah print with black detailing brings back nostalgic feels along with satin slip dresses with light button additions. The accessory of choice for the afternoon consisted of blinding Medusa infused gold from the 'Amulet' collection combined with a friendly collaboration with Sophie Monet, which brought traditional wooden detailing to a new era. 


Guests were sipping on refreshments consisting of Jax Coconut water for a simple hydration, or for a stronger choice (sometimes the best choice during chaos) of Paloma cocktails infused with Gem & Bolt Mezcal for a little bit of a bold bite during the afternoon presentation.


Daniel Arnold and Emma Crafts vision shines through visually as they act as the masterminds behind the lens. With Emma bringing a softer hue with a warm aesthetic shows the comfortable, yet glamorous energy that the presentation transferred within the images. Whereas Daniel, brought a more straightforward concept as shaper colors, still-life movement and expressive emotions became apparent in his photographs. A soft pink haze brought upon the images, yet with a subtle edge that sets the tone for an awakening shot that truly shows the energy that was expressed during the presentation. 

CollectionsAnna Hidvegi