Spring / Summer 2019 Presentation

A beaming mid-June afternoon In Paris shows shades of smooth summer colors as Nanushka embarks their Paris Fashion Week presentation.


To Come As You Are and leave with more - not necessarily physically more, but spiritually, intuitively, and intellectually more. Nanushka’s Spring/Summer 2020 menswear presentation was not only aimed to introduce the latest collections, but also to give guests a chance to take a small moment to take a deep breath, indulge in the beauty around them, and to embrace not whom everyone is, but whom each person is. With Nanushka showing for their first time at Paris Fashion Week, there was a sense of undiscovered territory, a unique adventure and the pleasure of subtle newness in ways that connected deeply with the collection.


As the mood was set by none other than internationally acclaimed Bureau Betak in the Lycée Condorcet, art deco influenced shapes of curvy couches in light creme and caramel colors were present while accents of the architecture within the prestige venue had been enhanced with brass structures, stone carvings, and other organically designed sculptures. With the models laid out throughout the perfectly Parisian courtyard, guests took a stroll through the arches as they admired the beautiful faces, the smooth sounds of music, the standout colors and the spectacular company around one another.


With styling courtesy of Alex Carl, the Nanushka philosophy had been translated clearly within the clothes. With beauty provided by Fara Homidi and Hairstyling by David Harborow, the aura of individuality and the carefree spirit was induced by the styles containing dark eyeliner, a creamy complexion, and ah-natural hair.


The collection channels the bohemian minimalist - one with a free-spirited soul and refined, yet unconventional attributes. While paying homage to the effortless nomad, the collection ranges further into the fields of a more individual style with daring details. ‘Come As You Are’ is a tribute to one's reflection in an expressive correlation to vulnerability, which embraces flaws and cherishes imperfections in the most welcoming way.


With the newfound introduction of the Nanushka Man to the world, Nanushka has rebirthed the image of the free-spirited nomad, abstract Nanushka prints have been concentrated and interpreted to make a statement. Blue shades of hand indigo infused cotton voile add a clear summer explanation reminding us of the mid-afternoon summer sky. Prints consisting of neon zebra, Le Coq and batik express Nanushka’s desire for seeking new ways of expressing imagination, the willingness to live freely, along with rebellious qualities of overlooked expressions. New season shades such as tan melange, light blue, and variations of green give a vicarious feeling to the Nanushka Women and Man - one that is willing to experiment, still with the lightest touch and the boldest interpretation. 


In correlation to the Nanushka Man, the Nanushka Women joins in perfect harmony with warm tones of burnt orange, nut, and tie-dye brown give off an eclectic flair of smooth summer style. New size and proportions have been explored within pants and knitwear. Lighter takes of classic shapes give a sense of security and warmth that bring edge and elegance to summer night attire. Tonal patchwork has been innovated to add a relaxed vibe while intuitively tied rope belts with beads further elevate and emphasize the connections between womenswear and menswear.


While the sun beamed down on all, glasses of champagne, infused watermelon water artisanal charcoal water, almond milk, iced tea, and coffee from La Claque café were served in Nanoha ceramics were serves to relax the mind, body, and soul of the guests. With a plastic-free catering selection courtesy of chef Aldwin Beets, guests were invited the enjoy a sunny afternoon with the aim to feel like themselves in an environment when all are included.

CollectionsAnna Hidvegi