Mystery Child

An early February morning in New York City brings rays of excitement as Nanushka gets ready to present their Fall/Winter 2019 collections to the world.


The idea around the Nanushka Women will now be extended as the Nanushka Men will join in collaboration for a collection that presents a transparent line between the two - the Mystery Child. The feel of excitement and pride is obvious backstage, as founder and creative director Sandra Sandor and assistant creative director and designer Ahinaa Perjesi make their final touches on the models before the presentation. The team of makeup artists, hairdressers and the stylist get ready as the show will soon unfold for the world to see. With renown stylist Alex Carl piecing outfits together, the looks are perfected thanks to her close eye for detail and her innovative taste.


As a soft 70’s infused glam will be the mood for the show, Farrah Homidi led her team painting faces with warm greens and creme brulee golds. As for hair, hungarian stylist Tamas Tuzes brought out the natural features in the models mixed with a little fringe and volume. With the whole Nanushka team working day and night to pull off a flawless show, the presentation unfolded in a calm, cool and collected manor due to dedication of many.


As a simple West Village space has been transformed into a 70’s infused apartment emphasized with various art-deco referenced shapes, plants, fuzzy rugs and warmly hazed lighting. The event brings a curious allure as guests are presented with not only one collection, but two as one. The warm welcoming of @earthtoyuli sweet melodies, along with Matcha Bar’s smooth tea’s and Aurora Elixirs beverages attract many as the morning presentation aims to enlighten and awake those busy bodies of fashion week, with an ulterior motive to unwind, relax and to take a simple moment to admire the craft, creativity and energy that the collection upholds.


Rooted around the aim to explore the relationship between women and men by using equal appearances of masculine and feminine silhouettes to outline the fluid bond between genders, the collections show a reinvented outlook to informal beauty with accents of comfortable femininity. The nature of the Nanushka man is seen within the collection as it displays references of retro, yet current stylistic attributes of a modern man. Exceptionally crafted coats have a timeless appeal to them, with modern energy and a deep emphasis on function and proportions. Nanushka’s signature vegan leather puffer has a masculine update with the addition of a hood, whilst quilted cotton jackets and vests bring a subversive sportiness to the collection.


As our womenswear collection is deeply enhanced by our Men’s Fall/Winter collection, Nanushka aims to present both side by side in order to explore the mythical character of the new Nanushka Women - the Mystery Child. The collection exemplifies these theories by incorporating strong 70’s interior design infused designs, present in both the collection and the set design of the presentation along with sustainable accents of new season tortoise shell patent vinyl, babouche mules and knit sock boots in various lengths and colors, all of which add a cerian ecstatic je ne sais quoi to the collection.


A collaboration with Diemme, also resulted in various pairs of equally durable, yet stylish hiking inspired boots with soft Italian detailing and high quality finishes. With styling done by Alex Carl, the minimal nomad aesthetic was successfully brought out with the fine details of mixing prints, colors and textures in order to produce the best possible and most fluid combination of both the Womenswear and Menswear collections.


The accessories featured in the collection were the brainchild of a very special collaboration with Sophie Monet, a jewelry designer reputable for her unique outlook on shaping and design. These common characteristics were expressed with white oak wood work, along with a jewelry capsule collection which emphasises soft circular curves and detail oriented touches.


The evening was captured by Emma Craft as well as our own Hungarian native Barnabas Toth , Iambarnie to capture the nostalgic event behind the lens. With a soft pink haze brought from Emma’s photo, Barnabas captures genius moments in a warm toned shot, still with realistic aspects of the whole story within the show. The excitement continued internationally as renowned model and Hungarian native, Eniko Mihalik takes over Nanushka’s Instagram live as the presentation endures to give a more precise look at how the magic unfolds to those viewers abroad.


CollectionsAnna Hidvegi