TyLynn Nguyen x Nanushka

Sit back, scroll down and join us as we hear the words from one of our most empowering ladies.


Gleaming skin, bold red lips, slick black hair and the type of smile that you never forget are all part of what you experience when your eyes catch the vivid sight of TyLynn Nguyen. The wife turned mother turned entrepreneur brings a refreshingly confident perfective on love, life, and one’s true image of self. Between holding down a household with her husband while raising three kids and founding her own lingerie line - TyLynn has taken the idea of wanting it all, doing it all and having it all and turned it into a reality.

To let the birds sing and the bells ring this Mother’s Day, we’ve talked to TyLynn about everything from being at peace with yourself, how to balance life as a working mom, and most importantly, how to truly gratify all that you have. Sit back, scroll down and join us as we hear the words from one of our most empowering ladies.


Bianca from Nanushka: To start this out - Happy Mother’s Day! What do you think is the most gratifying part of creating such a beautiful family?

TyLynn: God did it! That is the most gratifying part. Wrapping my mind around the fact that I am HERE and I get to raise these three angels with my best friend.


Bianca from Nanushka: Looking back at your own mother, what is the most important lesson that she has taught you and why? How has this impacted motherhood for you?

TyLynn: My mother taught me that I have strong shoulders and that my path is my own. With work-life balance, I find this so important because I am reminded that I am fit for this journey when I look back on these lessons instilled in me from my mother.


Bianca from Nanushka: There is such an undefined pressure that is placed onto working moms to have this perfect work-life balance. Did you feel this when you started your business while still having your kids in mind?

TyLynn: No. My support system is very strong. I communicated my needs, took my eyes off of those around me, and thanked God I am receiving his blessings. I think it is all perspective and allowing yourself to hear others but not take everything in. People are communicating their lives and their experiences and those aren’t always our point of view. I have this saying “we are all on our own solo journeys.” So I really have stuck to that and understood my path is best for me.


Bianca from Nanushka: You’ve mentioned before that you have come into your confidence since turning 31. As an entrepreneur with a growing family, what do you think has been the most significant contribution for you to have this awakening?

TyLynn: My connection to a higher source. I am at peace with who I am. My height, my appearance, my weight, my voice, etc. This is who I was made and this is who I will love.

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Bianca from Nanushka: What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment professionally and personally? Do you think that the two tend to blend in together?

TyLynn Professionally — everything. And personally letting all of my walls down to connect with my husband in ways I haven’t connected to any other human. Yes! The two do blend together but I love it and am grateful that I get to live my life this way.

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Bianca from Nanushka: And last but not least, can you share with us some of the best advice for mothers who want it all and are trying to do it all, still while having a family?

TyLynn: Be kind to yourself and listen to that still small voice inside. Your journey is yours to live out and enjoy. Don’t waste it comparing your greatness to another’s greatness.