Budapest Club Travel Diary

Sandra Sandor and Peter Baldaszti embark on exciting experiences with a few of Nanushka’s closest friends to introduce them to the Nanushka Budapest Club. 


A small step through the gold embossed glass door at the corner of one of Budapest’s most historic corners expresses a true sight for sore eyes. Nanushka’s closest friends and family make their way into the Párisi Udvar Hotel- the home away from home during their stay in Budapest. Whether it may be the invigorating attention to detail or the fact that the building is the definition of a true work of art, guests are fantasized about the fact they are really here, they are really part of the Nanushka Budapest Club, and that they really get to seek adventure in the city that is the heart, soul and the essence of the Nanushka philosophy. 


As guests make their way up to their perfectly appointed rooms, a sort of surprise was waiting for them - not just a surprise for them, but a surprise for the world; Tan Sahara bags were laying perfectly content with a few emblems of the Nanushka family inside of them consisting of newly innovated Budapest Club gifts. The Budapest Club elevates the Nanushka ethos of beautiful items designed for function and symbolistic references intertwined with fresh focuses and inspirational expectations, all to create an effortless collection of items for the endless traveler through both culture and time.


The main emblems reference rains from the weeping willow tree, a quintessential Hungarian association which has a balanced representation of life, strength, stability, and harmony. As the willow tree is familiar to growing alongside bigger bodies of water, it’s seen to connect both shore sides, such as our very own Duna river which connects those alike in multiple cities, regions, and countries together. Unlike many other standard souvenir collections, the Budapest club provides a sense of inclusivity within exclusive products that translate intuitively into the mind of the spiritual traveler, a selection of consciously curated products consisting of a water bottle, beach towel and holding strap along with a safari-style hat will add dapper dressing style to any ensemble.


As the guests all meet and greet, professionals alike within the creative industries trade stories, share memories and explore new opportunities as they wine and dine at one of Budapest’s hidden gems in a courtyard of a traditional building in the Jewish district, Mazel Tov. After a feast filled with home-made hummus, an abundance of fresh salads and tender meat, guests embark on a special experience of private night bathing at the Rudas Baths with a whirlpool overlooking the most jaw-dropping city views. As they wake up bright and early the next day, transportation to Lake Balaton, also known as the ‘Hungarian Sea’ to those within Hungary, awaits them as they set their sights on a day of sipping delicious wines, savoring the views, and sailing the lake.

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With a full day of Budapest in the books ahead of them, a light breakfast starts the day at the hotel rooftop, followed by a multi-course lunch at one of the cities' finest dines, ONYX. Because indulging is always the number one priority on any Nanushka vacation, a pastry workshop was held at the forefront of historical beauty and desirable desserts; the Gerbeaud Café. As everyone learnt how to craft, curate and create the most delectable treats, the vibe around them feels warm, sweet and light, just like the confection they’re cooking up. After a walk around where the real magic happens, the Nanushka HQ, guests had the chance to see where the dedication is done, the decisions are made and where the Nanushka family resides.


With the day coming to an end, a dreamy dinner at an old synagogue turned Olympic fencing training location, turned venue for the night was hosted by none other than Konyhakor. The mosaic floors, the stained glass ceilings, and the anciently admirable artwork accentuated with an almost endlessly long organic wood table, matching chairs, flowers for days and sparkling lights and candles that truly set the mood for the evening. As the multi-course dinner came to a close, guests let the Budapest spirit capture them which led to a night filled with humor, amusement, and mystery.


With the Budapest Club’s first run coming to a close, the last day of festivities calls for a breathtaking brunch, followed by a winding walk through the historic castle district. With speedboating giving everyone a need for speed, guests were appointed back to the Pest side of Budapest, as they wandered the side streets, explored the antique shops and gazed mesmerizingly to the stunning buildings and lavish landscapes that the city has to offer. Closing the night at Déryné Bisztró, the wine was flowing and the smiles were unimaginable as it marks the end of a truly unforgettable Budapest experience.


Photography by Balazs Fromm

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