Pre-Fall 2019

The essence of the Nanushka philosophy is deeply rooted in Hungary with references of nomadic wit.


Nanushka’s new Pre-Fall 2019 collection embraces effortless feminine values that reflect a smooth 70’s style. Staying true to Nanushka’s roots, the essence of the Nanushka philosophy shows the wit of the nomadic lifestyle, with traditional cultural references to match.


Nanushka has taken a nostalgic era of fashion and reinterpreted it into a contemporary collection that lets you reminisce past memories. A collection for the modern human, feminine silhouettes has been designed with a minimalistic style in mind and earth-toned garments have been tied together with soft splashes of newly innovated prints, such as grannimal and snake. With reworked pieces in hand, we’ve kept up an innovative spirit in taking what we have and completely reconstructing it. Sometimes it’s the most simple pieces that rain supreme.


With interior design playing as a key reference within the collection, organically shaped hardware has been accessorized with belts, buttons, sarongs and straps to add a little subtle detail to the simplest pieces. It also acts as a representation for how everlasting and exciting sculpted pieces can be. With a fresh focus on leisure wear, a new take on modern sports sandals, terry knit tones, and flexible forms have been created into retro pieces with subtle hints of modernism.  As comfort truly is always key, every wearable aspect has been taken into account for the snuggest fit and the most fearless flow.


Relaxed and elongated silhouettes in new shades of washed cotton reflect the traditional shapes that have been infused with a fresh focus on size and proportion. Added touches of ruching and sarong details have been added to truly accentuate the female figure and all of her other sensual curves. Shades of cold taupe, retro dusty pink, savory Himalayan salt, and ravishing rose add feminine clues that translate into an effortless, yet well coordinated wardrobe.


Knits have been explored in new ways, with the emphasis being paid on terry knit - a light and durable texture which elevated unexpected details. Velvet, vegan leather and impeccable quilting have embodied a clean, comfortable and contemporary collection. The soft, yet luxurious feeling of vegan leather caressed across the body brings an effortless intuitive feeling but with new designs and dimensions.  The reflection of 70’s era inspired fabrics, textures and aesthetic is made clear with the clothes.